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February 10, 2020 2 min read


Handbags are an essential part of our daily lives. They carry everything from our snacks to that one USB containing our darkest secrets. But in the lives of women across the globe, they hold more significance than in the lives of men. Since designers have signed a deal with the devil and decided to never give women clothes that contain functional pockets, we, the women, turn to handbags for help, for functionality, and for that little bit of extra flair added to the outfit of the day.


Although handbags were initially used for strictly functional purposes, such as toting around goods and wares, and even a child or two, today they’ve become part of a fashion statement. Models can be seen on the runway sporting bags smaller than the average male’s patience, or large enough to hide their bodies. Of course, the bags we use in real life aren’t nearly as extreme, but getting a bag that goes with every outfit that we do can be a bit of a hustle. However, by doing a bit of careful monitoring, we can find one that fits all.



#1 What’s Your Most Common Use

How often do you find yourself using your bag for parties and celebrations? Not often? If so, then it might not be wise to buy a bag with turquoise sequins on it; you’ll find you have trouble matching it to most outfits. If you’re a working woman, then you should browse among a selection of neutral-toned bags, and if you’re a student, then you might want to ditch the traditional handbag and opt for shoulder bags and rucksacks. You can find a vast selection of shoulder bags in materials such as velvet and leather, and you can choose any color without it looking too tacky.


#2 Pay Attention To Your Body Type:

It might sound a bit sketchy, but handbags need to be altered according to your body shapes too. Women with heavy hips or pear-shaped figures could opt for waist-length bags to draw attention to the slimmer area. Petite women should try to steer clear of satchels and heavy bags as they will ultimately dwarf their figures.


#3 Where’s The Leather?

Lovers of leather can rest easy. Leather is the most versatile material there is when it comes to handbags. It goes with office wear, party wear, casual outfits, sundresses, and basically everything you might be able to name. There’s just something about leather that pulls together an outfit, the same way leather jacket enhances an outfit.


#4 How To Avoid A Hustle:

I’ll be the first to admit it, ladies, bag shopping is a tiring exercise that no one wants to prolong. However, there are many sites from which you can order designer bags from the safety of your home. For example, from trendylabels.co.uk you can order designer handbags, at extremely convenient installments, and even on a “buy now, pay later” basis. It’s the time of the internet ladies, we live for convenience.


Handbags are an item that cannot be ignored if you want to look well dressed and put together. We hope our guide helps you with your fashion troubles.



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